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It is possible but not recommended. The photo booth screen cannot face direct sunlight. Also, the backdrop will blow over in windy conditions. If the location is shielded from the sun and wind, outdoors is acceptable (a covered porch). If an outdoor location is desired, please let us see the location before a booking is made. However, please consider it is often windy in the Amarillo area and lighting conditions will change. An outdoor setup may not get the best results for your guests.

Can I set up the booth outside?

Wi-Fi Is needed so guests can have access to their photos. A close electrical outlet is preferred to avoid running a long extension cord.  The booth requires about a 6 foot by 8 ft space.  We can adjust the distance between the booth and the backdrop, but the backdrop is a fixed width.

What is required to operate the booth?

We don't have photo editing capability.

Can you edit my photos?


Can I supply my own backdrop or props?    

This will be discussed during the setup. We can set the event where all guests can view all photos, or where each guest can only view their photos. The host will have access to all event photos. Your event will not be visible to other customers.

What about the privacy of the event?

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